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Our collective impact is not only powerful, it's a story worth telling. 

Every Spelman woman has changed the world in some way


A Choice to Change the World, the rallying cry of Spelman College, is a simple

but eloquent way to describe the legacy of our school. A legacy of women who

have shaped culture, politics, medicine, education, business, the arts and

beyond, for more than a century.


This year’s Scholarship Fundraiser, entitled We Made the Choice, celebrates the

impact of this extraordinary choice and that is why we want your story; the story

of why you made the powerful and intentional choice to attend Spelman College.


Alumnae, students and current and former staff and trustees are welcome to share.  You don't have to live in Atlanta or be a part of our chapter to be included!  We will compile the first-hand accounts and create an inaugural commemorative book that will document how Spelman women have changed the world. 

** The commemorative book will be available Winter 2021 **

President Adrienne Lance Lucas on recording your Spelman story. 

Continuing the Legacy through storytelling
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