Class Challenge

Which generation will show up and out for our Spelman sisters?


C'1943 - 1963


C'1964 - 1984

Gen X

C'1985 - 2001


C' 2002 - 2016

Gen Z

C' 2017 - Current

Updated as of October 31, 2020

Our fundraising goal is $50,000. 

That means we need 500 alumnae to contribute! 

Calling all Spelman women! 

Each year the Scholarship Fundraiser brings together hundreds of alumnae from multiple generations - Silent Generation to Gen Z. This year, we decided to spice things up and issue an alumnae challenge.  The challenge is which generation can raise the most money for our scholarship fund? The fund covers up to 50% of the tuition amount for a sophomore scholar and up to 100% tuition for a graduating senior.  Tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year exceeds $25,000.

The challenge is simple.

    Step 1:  Purchase your ticket.

    Step 2:  Spread the word!  

DM, call, text and tell your Spelman sisters, friends and family to join you in supporting Spelman College!

Join us during the virtual Scholarship Fundraiser on

Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 11 a.m. EST

for the big reveal of the generation with the most donations.

Support the Scholarship Fundraiser!